Thanksgiving and beyond

As the holiday season kicks off with Thanksgiving 2014 quickly approaching, we tend to slow down and look inside for what really matters most to us. To some, its a home they strived for their whole life and celebrating holidays there for the first time. Some might appreciate a job, another year of life, a life event, or just the […]

Land of the free! 4th of July backyard decorating ideas

Here at Eco Greenscape, we love to enhance our outdoor space for any special event. Here are some fun and affordable ideas for your backyard BBQ this year!

Fire “season?”

If you have lived in San Diego the last 10 years, you’ll notice that “fire season” has gone from a couple times a year, to practically year round… With the recent fires hitting North County, you can never be too sure when it will be affecting your neighborhood. Here are some things to keep in mind when trying to tackle […]

Water Conservation and You

If you have lived for any duration of time here in Southern California then undoubtedly you are aware of the region’s on-again off-again drought cycles. Some winters bring more rain while other winters bring less rain. So, with all this drought talk going on, what is a homeowner to do? How can you help? Well, although “saving the world” may sound a bit […]